My time in life has taught me that nothing stays the same – change is a constant. And having seen most of this planet with my own eyes, it became apparent to me that the best run places don’t fight to “stay the same,” but they seek to efficiently manage change for the greatest benefit to the residents.

  • First and foremost, CHARACTER ALWAYS MATTERS
  • Quality of life
  • Responsible fiscal stewardship of taxpayer’s money
  • Homelessness
  • Economic Development

Mike Curtin, Carlsbad's Next Great Leader

Native Californian whose character and values are a product of the Carlsbad community and ultimately refined by a host of business and globally-lived experiences.

Earned degrees in European Studies, Political Science and History from Loyola Marymount University, and subsequently an Executive Education Certificate in International Business from the University of San Diego.

Family's legacy of public service in Carlsbad

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Meet Our Endorsers

Matt Hall

Republican Mayor of Carlsbad

Esther Sanchez

Democratic Mayor of Oceanside

Julie Nygaard

Incumbent Tri City Health Care District, Board of Directors

Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters
Latino American Political Association
Planned Parenthood

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The Voices of Our Voters

-Dr. Carolyn Kurle, Conservation Biology Professor, University of California San Diego

"Mike Curtin is exactly the type of candidate we need running for public office. He has decades of experience as a successful executive working across many sectors and his expertise will translate well into effective governing. In addition, Mike is a very smart, logical, honest, and compassionate person who is genuinely open to listening to others and learning whatever is needed for him to make the best decisions. Mike also appreciates the natural beauty of Northern San Diego County and is strongly aware of and committed to balancing the needs of the people in our community with conserving the environmental integrity of our coastal resources. I have known Mike for years, I trust he will be an outstanding leader for Carlsbad, and I’m proud to join those who support his efforts to become its next Mayor."

Kurt R. Dearie, Carlsbad High School Alumni and Teacher- Retired

"Mike Curtin is Carlsbad’s best choice for Mayor. Growing up in Carlsbad he has witnessed the community grow from a semi-rural beach community of less than 10,000 people in the 1960s to the vibrant city it is today. This experience provides Mike with a vision of Carlsbad that maintains the values and character of its small city past and the quality of life its growing number of residents deserve. Having first met Mike as a child growing up in our Carlsbad neighborhood we have remained life-long friends. I know him to be a loyal and trustworthy man of character. A man who continues to dedicate his time and effort as a community volunteer through Rotary Club International, Carlsbad Community Emergency Response Team, and a host of local community events. With a career in global business spanning decades working and living in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, Mike’s business acumen make him a well qualified problem solver. His work in diverse cultures allows him to bring new perspectives and to responsibly manage the city of Carlsbad for the benefits of all its residents.I strongly believe Mike Curtin has the vision, skills, and character to guide the City of Carlsbad into a bright future."

Lauri Valjakka CEO & Co-Founder IPRA Technologies Ltd. Lappeenranta, FINLAND

" I have known Mike for many years and can say by experience, he is an intelligent, hardworking and reliable person and to me not just a good loyal friend, but an excellent business advisor, tutor and mentor as well. He is very well-connected and I am sure with his experience of international director’s jobs in Europe, Africa and in the US will benefit the whole community of Carlsbad if he will be elected the Mayor."

USN CPO Chris White (Ret.) SEAL

I have known Mike for over 15 years, both personally and professionally. I believe his knowledge of the City of Carlsbad and the citizens who live there make him an ideal candidate for Mayor. He has lived in Carlsbad most of his life and that alone gives him a great perspective on its past and potential future. Mike has been a member and President of a local Rotary Club for many years and built a solid relationship with many of its members. Being a retired US Navy SEAL and then working overseas as an Executive Protection Specialist and Military Trainer enables me to separate real people from the posers rather quickly. I believe the citizens of Carlsbad will not find a more qualified, more professional person to run for Mayor of Carlsbad.

Patrick Henry

I served 22 years in Marine Corps, working in the infantry, reconnaissance, and intelligence communities. Subsequently, I completed my MBA at USC and a post-grad leadership development program at HBS. I have been a founder and advisor to numerous entrepreneurial ventures since my retirement from the military. Mike and I met when he asked me to speak at a rotary club event years ago, which eventually turned into a friendship. We connected over our interest in entrepreneurship. Over the course of our relationship, Mike has always been willing to reach out to his network, make introductions to people that could assist in my efforts, and is one of the most pro-business people who have the stomach for politics that I have ever met. He is well-connected in Carlsbad and has the experience, intelligence, and energy to get things done. He is impressive in his ability to identify the value of an idea, regardless of party affiliation, and focus on practical solutions to the problems in which he engages. I know him to strongly support public safety, public development projects, and private businesses. He cares, has common sense, and will undoubtedly be a great leader to the Carlsbad community.